Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Web 2.0 -Making the World Smaller

I was just observing a video that Tom Kuhlman had posted sometime back in his blog. The video was created by Common Craft. Simple video, great concept covered in simple terms. I loved it.

However, my thoughts went in a different direction. As the world grows larger in terms of technology, opportunities, innovations, this concept of Web 2.0 is actually bringing all of us closer. The tone is more about collaboration, about being inclusive. There is an urge to share knowledge. Help and Be Helped seems to be the undertone. For example, I have a way to share whatever I bookmark. At the same time, I get to see others' bookmarks too. I read some blogs. My blogroll tells others what other blogs I follow. In turn, I also get to connect to blogs of another set of goes on. Isn't it amazing!

Need information on where you can find the best of books on e-learning? Try tweeting and lo! in no time, you end up with more than what you asked for in the form of tweets from various followers.
Web 2.0 has truly changed the way we function. The world is certainly getting to be a better place than what it was before. We are getting connected, getting closer. For those who stand aside and watch the world pass by, I would say that what they miss is larger than what they can imagine. Just step in and be part of this amazing, collaborative, helpful world of Web 2.0!

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